Music LMS Work

Taking a product from "Minimum Viable" to "usable."

Music Prodigy

  • LMS
  • UI Design
  • UX Design

The hallmark of many startups is the desire to move fast enough to completely skip design. Then there's tech-debt to be dealt with.



I was brought in to Music Prodigy to take their initial, developer-built application and begin turning it into something that was more than just "functional," but hopefully pleasant and easy to use. As a designer who was splitting his time as one of the few front-end focused web developers who was also designing the UX and UI of a complex product, while also redesigning and developing the company website and updating the branding, this was no small feat.


The product can be described as "Guitar Hero" for wind and orchestral instruments. For those familiar with Yousician, it's a similar concept. The student can be assigned something from their teacher and then play along with the assignment on their phone, tablet, or computer. The application grades them, sending that back to the teacher and an audio recording of the capture.

The specific task that is called out in these early diagrams and wireframes is assigning something new to a class, from a "grade book view," which we were in the process of designing and developing. There are many steps involved in creating a new assignment. I was able to recall my experience as a public school music teacher to help inform some of the requirements and design concepts. Using best practices and ISO standards, we refined the process into something elegant and simple for the teacher to navigate.


Ultimately, the company scrapped this part of the project, and I left the company before its implementation. I assisted in preparing a full workflow that could be revisited and assessed at a later date. All of my workflow diagrams include annotations so that anybody who takes a project over that has been shelved for a while will be able to see where we last left off and what we were thinking.