Solving an internal problem.

Capital One Investing

  • JavaScript
  • UX Design

In a highly restrictive development environment, we needed a way to handle disclosures on landing pages that were always up-to-date and could be changed updating any of the hundreds of landing pages that are using that disclosure.



A crude, difficult to use version of the Disclaiminator was developed by an outside agency at great cost. Members of the internal team that were tasked with using the application constantly requested changes or fixes. The code was of a state that I was able to pitch the idea of a full redesign and redevelopment of the application to better serve the needs of our team.


Through the discovery process of what users were hoping to get out of the application, I was able to create a simple mockup of the information needs and steps for how the team used the product.  The user needed to be able to create a new disclosure set or upload a JSON file that had all of the information of a previously created disclosure set.

The previous version of the product was a multi-page application that relied heavily on cookies and query strings to pass data between pages.  By removing this barrier, I was able to design and develop a platform that was more intuitive to use and allowed for traversing the application easily.


Our development environment was highly restrictive; we had no access to a database, JSON, or server-side code of any kind. In order to work around that limitation, the disclosures were all housed in a mock-database inside of an XML document that was read with hand-coded, object oriented JavaScript (we also were not allowed to use NPM or other such package management).

The final product was simple to use and easy to maintain.